The house with the green door


We moved into our Victorian Terrace in April 2016 and let me tell you it was a tiny bit of a nightmare due to a lovely person at the bank who decided to roll out an upgrade in the middle of completion day and everyone who was completing on that day got their money stuck going up the chain, apparently this had never happened before, not much comfort to those who were stuck in the middle of it I tell you!

However banking upgrades aside, it was a very cold and wet day and when we finally got into the house it was freezing cold and all of the rooms were amazing in size, full of character (unlike our tiny new build that we had left behind) and ready for us to make it our family home.

It was all very dream like as we had waited for this opportunity for what had felt like a lifetime, however reality hit when we realised things that we thought we could live with and change over time would need to be changed quicker than anticipated as well as the fact that well none of our furniture (downstairs at least) looked right in the house, and so our renovation project began sooner than expected.

This has always been a project house for us from when we very first viewed it as there was lots we loved about it but also things we wanted to change. Now the list of things that we want to change has grown massively but our love for the house remains, with it’s big rooms and high ceilings to it’s period features full of character and charm that we just can’t wait to improve on!




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