Kitchen renovation

As stated in our first blog post one of the first things in the house that we thought ‘oh dear that has to go’ (or words to that effect which were probably much stronger in undertone) was the kitchen.

The reason the kitchen bit the dust quickly was grease, grease and more grease, layered with quite a lot of staining inside the cupboards and no amount of bleach was going to get rid of it to a standard where we would have felt comfortable preparing and storing food. This led to our first lesson and one of our top tips for buying an old house, make sure you look in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards when viewing a property so that you are aware of what you will be dealing with on moving in and are prepared for it.

Our before picture is not that great in that we had already removed the top cupboard doors by the time I had taken this picture so you can’t get a complete feel for how it was. The top cupboards were black and glossy which made the kitchen feel very dark, that and the yellow walls and ceiling it all looked a bit dismal.

We took all of the old kitchen out ourselves (I say we, mainly my husband as he likes to use crow bar type tools to smash and destroy items more than me and is better at it than me) and then decided on a design.

From us moving in to the kitchen being finished was approximately 3 months, in this time the microwave, slow cooker, electronic egg boiler and a George Foreman grill/griddle became our must have and most used kitchen appliances!

Design wise I had decided quite quickly that I didn’t want top cupboards (after much browsing on Pinterest) and we wanted it to be light and bright. This resulted in white glossy units with no handles, a tall larder cupboard, pan drawers, built in appliances i.e. cookers, and the tall units all flush to the ceiling (a must).

I have to say that we absolutely love the finished result and it has made such a difference to the room as it is so much more brighter and fresh, with clean lines. It is very modern but we have added industrial design touches to give it a unique style (blog posts to follow on this).

Let us know your kitchen renovation experiences below as we would love to hear them.


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