Industrial Edge – Kitchen

In the kitchen we have gone for very modern clean lines, we love Industrial styling and therefore decided to incorporate some of this style into the kitchen to give it a unique look. We absolutely love the end results and have received a lot of compliments on the bits that we have chosen.

First off is the light fitting, we wanted something flush to the ceiling but that also had a unique look. I spent ages pouring over Pinterest and various sites online and thought I was never going to find what we wanted until I came across a brilliant shop on Etsy named VintageElectrical and OH MY was I in heaven browsing on there. Industrial light fittings and Eddison bulbs a plenty, LOVE. We went for the Black Enamel Conduit Ceiling Bar with three bulbs and it just went brilliantly with the style of the kitchen.

Second up is the towel rail. The only place that we could fit a towel rail was at the end of the bench, the space was small and again I wanted something that would fit with the kitchen but would also look stylish which is quite a hard ask of something such as a towel rail which is quite a boring functional item. We found the below in a local gallery and I did a little squeal of excitement (internally I may add) when I spied it, I have since found the designers work on Ebay so have linked his shop here if anyone is interested he has some very good designs at reasonable prices.



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