The Lighting Edit

I never thought I would get so excited about lighting but yet I have found myself spending ages browsing online at styles for the various rooms in our house and so far I think we have made some fantastic purchases from both online, the high street and independent shops.


We have bought a few pieces from Industville which include both ceiling and wall lights and other than the fact that they don’t include the fixings for the lights (which is a little bug bear) the lights themselves we have been very happy with and fit in brilliantly with our style.

I found our Kitchen light (which I have mentioned in a previous post here) from an independent shop on Etsy. When I spotted it I did do a little gasp of excitement as it was exactly what we were looking for and absolutely love it’s unique style.

Independent shops:

We bought our Dining Room light from an independent shop and we will definitely be going back to it for future purchases. It looks stunning above our dining room table and we are very pleased with it.


This arrow we bought at a makers fair at a gallery, it is by the same person who made our copper towel rail that we bought for the kitchen. I love how unique and quirky it is and it brings a little smile to my face when I see it above the bench in the hallway (the bench was made by the same person as well, very talented indeed). Excuse the horrible carpet and wall colour in the hallway this will be the last room in the renovation to be done so unfortunately we will have to live with the direness for a while *sad face*.


We bought this copper light from BHS before the store closed in Durham, I think you can still buy it online and I would recommend this as it is a gorgeous light and is very stylish indeed.


What a find this lamp was in TK MAXX, I love it and have been showcasing this on Instagram loads as it is just gorgeous. Now I have to say TK MAXX is not somewhere I usually look for lighting but I think I will go in there more regularly now after spotting and then buying this as it was such a bargain and I think because there is only one or two available you feel as thought you have found something truly unique.

Do let me know if you have any recommendations for places to buy lighting as we still have some rooms to buy for so are always on the lookout for interesting fittings.


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