Radiator Restoration No. 1

We pretty much decided as soon as we moved into the house that we wanted to change everything in it, radiators included, and were very specific on the style that we wanted.

The house had one free standing column radiator in the bay window when we viewed it, we loved the style and therefore last year began our changeover of some of the radiators from old and tired looking to brand new traditional column ones.

Jason sourced the radiators and valves from Best Heating as we wanted a traditional look but with an industrial edge and I think that this works well with the exposed polished copper piping.

I think they just look amazing, particularly against the restored floorboards but even with the carpet in the second bedroom they look spot on!

In the second bedroom and small office we just replaced the radiators that were there so that involved no pipework being moved, but in the hall we decided to move the radiator to the other side of the hall and get a slightly smaller radiator so it was less imposing with the hall being a narrow corridor.

We are really pleased with our decision and how the finished look has turned out and can’t wait to sort the rest of the radiators out in the house.




Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!

At the end of April this year we will have been in our house for 2 years, I know everyone says this but where has the time gone?

There have been times in this renovation journey so far where I have felt very frustrated and overwhelmed by the decisions and time it takes to do things. However I will say that I think we now have a clear plan of the order in which we are going to do things although there are still decisions to be made i.e. bedroom wardrobes, bathroom, getting the dining room below sorted etc. etc.


*Desk by Scaramanga*

I am hoping to do a lot more content here on the blog and hopefully our Youtube channel this year, maybe starting with a wish list of things to purchase for the house?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 brings a wealth of happiness to you in whatever you are doing.


Industrial Edge – Kitchen

In the kitchen we have gone for very modern clean lines, we love Industrial styling and therefore decided to incorporate some of this style into the kitchen to give it a unique look. We absolutely love the end results and have received a lot of compliments on the bits that we have chosen.

First off is the light fitting, we wanted something flush to the ceiling but that also had a unique look. I spent ages pouring over Pinterest and various sites online and thought I was never going to find what we wanted until I came across a brilliant shop on Etsy named VintageElectrical and OH MY was I in heaven browsing on there. Industrial light fittings and Eddison bulbs a plenty, LOVE. We went for the Black Enamel Conduit Ceiling Bar with three bulbs and it just went brilliantly with the style of the kitchen.

Second up is the towel rail. The only place that we could fit a towel rail was at the end of the bench, the space was small and again I wanted something that would fit with the kitchen but would also look stylish which is quite a hard ask of something such as a towel rail which is quite a boring functional item. We found the below in a local gallery and I did a little squeal of excitement (internally I may add) when I spied it, I have since found the designers work on Ebay so have linked his shop here if anyone is interested he has some very good designs at reasonable prices.


Kitchen renovation

As stated in our first blog post one of the first things in the house that we thought ‘oh dear that has to go’ (or words to that effect which were probably much stronger in undertone) was the kitchen.

The reason the kitchen bit the dust quickly was grease, grease and more grease, layered with quite a lot of staining inside the cupboards and no amount of bleach was going to get rid of it to a standard where we would have felt comfortable preparing and storing food. This led to our first lesson and one of our top tips for buying an old house, make sure you look in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards when viewing a property so that you are aware of what you will be dealing with on moving in and are prepared for it.

Our before picture is not that great in that we had already removed the top cupboard doors by the time I had taken this picture so you can’t get a complete feel for how it was. The top cupboards were black and glossy which made the kitchen feel very dark, that and the yellow walls and ceiling it all looked a bit dismal.

We took all of the old kitchen out ourselves (I say we, mainly my husband as he likes to use crow bar type tools to smash and destroy items more than me and is better at it than me) and then decided on a design.

From us moving in to the kitchen being finished was approximately 3 months, in this time the microwave, slow cooker, electronic egg boiler and a George Foreman grill/griddle became our must have and most used kitchen appliances!

Design wise I had decided quite quickly that I didn’t want top cupboards (after much browsing on Pinterest) and we wanted it to be light and bright. This resulted in white glossy units with no handles, a tall larder cupboard, pan drawers, built in appliances i.e. cookers, and the tall units all flush to the ceiling (a must).

I have to say that we absolutely love the finished result and it has made such a difference to the room as it is so much more brighter and fresh, with clean lines. It is very modern but we have added industrial design touches to give it a unique style (blog posts to follow on this).

Let us know your kitchen renovation experiences below as we would love to hear them.

The house with the green door


We moved into our Victorian Terrace in April 2016 and let me tell you it was a tiny bit of a nightmare due to a lovely person at the bank who decided to roll out an upgrade in the middle of completion day and everyone who was completing on that day got their money stuck going up the chain, apparently this had never happened before, not much comfort to those who were stuck in the middle of it I tell you!

However banking upgrades aside, it was a very cold and wet day and when we finally got into the house it was freezing cold and all of the rooms were amazing in size, full of character (unlike our tiny new build that we had left behind) and ready for us to make it our family home.

It was all very dream like as we had waited for this opportunity for what had felt like a lifetime, however reality hit when we realised things that we thought we could live with and change over time would need to be changed quicker than anticipated as well as the fact that well none of our furniture (downstairs at least) looked right in the house, and so our renovation project began sooner than expected.

This has always been a project house for us from when we very first viewed it as there was lots we loved about it but also things we wanted to change. Now the list of things that we want to change has grown massively but our love for the house remains, with it’s big rooms and high ceilings to it’s period features full of character and charm that we just can’t wait to improve on!